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The good, the bad, and the ugly of social media

1 June 2018

From changing algorithms to security breaches, creating hashtag movements and raising awareness, there's a lot of good (and bad) in social media.

How brands use social media to engage with their audiences – for better or worse!

There's a lot that works in social media, and a lot that doesn't. Well-intentioned campaigns can backfire as easily as great content can go viral. Not to mention how much social media has changed and grown in the last decade. The user experience is nothing like it was years, or even months ago, and brands are trying all sorts of things to outdo their competitors.

Chock full of examples of brands doing good things, bad things – and some pretty ugly things, too – this episode takes a candid look at the current state of social media and how brands try new campaigns to produce creative, engaging, and educational content for their audiences.

You'll also take away our top four tips to avoid social media pitfalls!

Want to know what film is the most tweeted of all time, with 35 million tweets? Check out the podcast for the answer!

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