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The one about being personal

10 February 2017

This month's podcast is all about getting up close and personal with marketing. Personal – it's a word that's being bounced around a lot at the moment, but what does it actually mean?

Lee Williams, Rob Humphries, Camilla Shuckburgh and Rob Jarvis get to the bottom of what it really means to be personal in business in this month's digital download.

It's 2017 and marketing has evolved significantly from the simple recognition of a consumer's name, to data becoming the driving force for building a bond with its buyers.

With the likes of huge brands such as L'Oréal introducing the world's first ever smart hairbrush – think you need a new shampoo? Let the data diagnose for you – to the rise of voice recognition, we're turning to tech for more personal, human experiences.

But it's not just current consumers. With statistics such as 50% of all searches set to take place without a screen in 2020, has the power of talking technology welcomed a new age of users? Are chat bots convenient or confusing? Have Starbucks missed a trick with its robot-making caffeine machine and can collecting data online really create a more connected community offline?

We discuss the answers alongside even more weird and wonderful facts from some of the world's biggest brands (like where Airbnb really got its name from), as well as the news items taking over the web this week (three words: Trump on Twitter), in the latest bda digital download.

If you would like to download or subscribe to the bda podcast, you can find the iTunes link here.

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