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The one where we talk about inspiration

11 May 2017

Each campaign we create, each film we produce, each word we write is drawn from inspiration, but where does that inspiration come from?

That's the question we're asking in the April edition of our bda podcast and it's no surprise to hear us say, as an agency, inspiration is all around us – it's the people we pass on the street, a palate of colours splashed across a poster, the complex pattern or simple design of a product. It's from the great and the glorious campaigns, the ones which went wrong but didn't mean to and the one's which went wrong but still flourished. It's from authors and articles, conversations and culture, it's from the everyday activities that make up our day-to-day life.

It really is everywhere.

So in this month's podcast we touch on the topics most inspiring us:

  • Snatch – the app where you swipe virtual parcels from your competitors to win real-life prizes.
  • La La Land – the viral vid which sees Jacob Staudenmaier reenact the Another Day of Sun scene to try and persuade Emma Stone to be his prom date – does she say yes?
  • Say yes to SEO – The free annual Brighton conference with inspiring guest speakers including Rory Sutherland who talks about the secret to Wagamama's success. Our Sun, Sea and SEO blog has more...
  • Expedia's travel hub – Ever fancied looking around your hotel room before you get there? The online travel agent is experimenting with new technologies such as VR and we approve.
  • Google always wins – Google Home has finally launched and it's giving Alexa a run for her money.

But the real question is not what inspires us but what can we do that's going to inspire others? A strategic vision to create a journey for the user that makes them want to return, discover more and challenge boundaries.

Inspiration is personal, so if the concepts we deliver inspire more than one person, the customer experience is just beginning.

If you would like to download or subscribe to the bda podcast, you can find the iTunes link here.

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