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Top tips for writing a killer creative brief

27 July 2018

No matter how big or small the campaign, a creative brief is always the first step - the Big Bang if you will. Here's what you need to do to ensure you get it right.

As an agency, we've had a vast array of briefs come our way over the years. From the excruciatingly detailed 4-page word docs, to the vague impromptu 2-minute phone calls, we've seen them all. We outline 5 famous brief styles in our latest podcast; the closed book, the 360, the chameleon, the collision and the dreamer.

So what is it that agencies are looking for when it comes to the 'perfect' creative brief?

It's always appreciated when a client provides initial ideas to get the ball rolling, but it's their subject knowledge that's most useful for an agency. Outline what it is you want to achieve and allow the agency to do what they do best, be creative!

A creative brief should set the tempo for the campaign and evoke creative inspiration amongst everyone involved!

Should I include the budget? How long should it be? There are plenty of questions when it comes to producing a good creative brief, so make sure you check out our latest podcast for all our top tips.

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