Close Brothers

Our client

Close Brothers Motor Finance is an award-winning finance company that works in partnership with over 8,000 motor dealers across the UK and Ireland.

We’ve worked with Close Brothers for a number 
of years, including on one of their biggest annual projects: Britain Under the Bonnet, a report which lifts the lid on the British automotive industry for their dealer partners.

The theme of the 2018 Britain Under the Bonnet report was, “Gearing up for a changing market,” and addressed a number of ideas, including Brexit, electric cars, and shifting consumer trends. The report also included a dealer perspective for first-hand experience.

While Close Brothers carried out the research and collated the results and statistics, BDA stepped in to produce the finished version of the report and associated marketing collateral.

As part of the wider campaign, we also created an interactive “branching” video to increase engagement and increase downloads of the report.

This video enabled users to obtain key information from the report in 
bite-sized chunks, using an interactive interface that allowed them to 
pick and choose what they wanted to see.