We've worked with Gallagher for several years, particularly on their strategy, brand, exhibitions, and creative: from printed to video to web design – we're almost an extension of their team! Additionally, we run quarterly workshops with them.

The cyber campaign included creation of a sales playbook (interactive PDF), plus a complete cyber campaign guide – including developing a campaign plan and designing a landing page which explained the different types of cyber insurance (e.g. terrorism, cyber-attacks).

Gallagher provides Private Clients with tailored insurance designed specifically for them. A new concept and design showcased the bespoke nature of the service in a way that would appeal to their target audience.

As Gallagher is an umbrella company with a number of sub-brands, we have also run a number of campaigns with these brands separately.

We worked very closely with Insure4retirement, and from their 
customer feedback, we designed a more tailored brand and logo.

We ran a campaign alongside EasyJet with Gallagher's subrand, Intasure. We produced brochures to fit in the backs of seats on their planes. The brochure gave customers the opportunity to win up to £100 off their next flight by texting a number.