Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world, who help people, businesses and things communicate better.

They wanted to raise awareness of its Orchestration Network service and make it understandable. To do this, they wanted something different.


They wanted a video.

We came up with a number of concepts, wavered between animation and live filming, and the scope of the project grew with our ideas and imagination.

It had the potential to become something standout and truly unique. Our final idea encompassed multiple rooms to represent the multiple uses of Network Orchestration, with a character – Mr. Verizon – walking an IT guy – Bob – through each room and explaining the features.


Drag the sliders to see our post-production wizardry!

One of the core components throughout the script and concept was a white Verizon cube – a metaphor for their Orchestration service – and something which appeared in each of the rooms in one form or another.

Then we filmed it. BDA ran the entire production, and organised everything from directors, producers, cast, crew, sets, props, designs, filming, and post-production.

The final film blew everyone away!